Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening...

Good evening! 

I am writing this *first* blogpost on my fancy new [well almost one year old] website and feeling a little butterfly fluttering in my belly......NO I am not expecting baby #3... I'm a little nervous to take up "blogging" again after almost 4 full years of silence.

You see, I used to have a blog, and I blogged every so often about random things that interested, home making, what I was wearing, preparing for our first baby, things that I was making and selling and then once Daisy came along I posted my birth story [gasppp….] and how I was finding motherhood... and then BAM... silence. Life got too chaotic.

So, I don't plan for this blog to become too frequent a feature. I'm just going to use this lovely platform to show you things that I am creating, a *little* bit of motherhood, maybe a little bit of how it is to be a ministry wife [my husband is a pastor..] and general chit chat that's too long for Insta stories.

So please be gentle with me, I have no desire to become a "blogger" just seen this little "blog" button on my website and thought i'd press "add post"

much love,

Cherith xo

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